Women are alledgedly most succesful when they don’t say anything. Why would that be.

Zeg maar niets meer…
(Say no more)
The (in my humble opinion) only truly heart-felt song by André Hazes


Unlike the more international versions Hazes seems to try out the reverse psychology path by taking áll the blame and thereby exonerating himself from any responsibility in his entire life. Its all me baby. This is me. I won’t change. I never believed you anyway.

Funnily the common theme here is that you’re told to shut up, from an early age onwards.

And another heart-felt behavioural instruction song: Hou je bek- Lijpe Mocro

a sort of English version Shut up, Bitch
with a surprisingly nice ending…

And another very heart-felt song with a clear instruction how to avoid all relational problems… Put yo shoes back under the bed!

For those who are still unsure about the universality of this theme in pop music and psychology in general, a French 2015 version:

Alleraardigste liedjes verder. Vooral als je er niet naar luistert.