Banjoo is a Comic that is made by ZaZ

During the process she developed other comics. Banjoo is not about you. It is about us. Us All.

Zaz is angry. But in a nice way. Zaz had it with nepotism, male bias, warfare, egoism, exploitation, discrimination, senseless poverty and dying polar bears.  Zaz loves rainbows. There is only one world to screw up, let’s not rush to the end.

Yes, I know, I do not even closely resemble the figure next to this text. In real I am puffier. And I do not have transparent hair, I just forgot to colour that in the right layer.

Nothing to say really, Except well I do not misrepresent myself (and others in the process) for flattering purposes. I am just not so good in drawing. I know. You do not have to rub it in. I know people usually have arms, even when they are a long distance away. I learned at school that you can call that style and exploit it as an art form.





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