There is no need to despair. Despair will waste your time. It won’t help you. And it hurts your brain. It overcomes the best of us. We all have problems that are bigger than ourselves. For some, rewarding yourself becomes so difficult, that it is almost impossible to do anything but despair.

Loosing loved ones makes us despair. Why? Whyyyyyy. WHYYYYY. If only. If this and that. If so on and so on. If it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Despair is one of the worst feelings there is. But despair does not help you remorsing. It doesn’t bring anyone back from the dead. It just brings you pain. None of your loved ones would like to see you in useless pain.

Luckily, despair doesn’t have to take long. The only thing you need, to snap out of it, is your brain. You have it there with you and you have access to it. Be nice to your thoughts and give them a hand when they need help. Think of all the good things. All the nice memories. And if that is not possible; do something. Like a hobby or just something smaller than that. A puzzle. Or paint the walls. Or move the furniture.

If we are not busy doing anything, we spend our time thinking. If you find yourself doing something small, just like drawing or the dishes, it will take your mind off of your thoughts and you replace them with other, much more useful thoughts.